The quarry goes into the background

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The overbooking that exists in the first squad causes the quarry, which has had a role with a notable role during the first six months of competition, to now take a back seat. Mourad, who had been in the calls in recent games, already played last weekend with the subsidiary in Third Division.

The Moroccan; Nacho Pastor, who played the Cup matches against Yeclano and Athletic Club de Bilbao; and the youthful Jony Carmona will continue training under Pacheta, but if there is no urgent need with the first team, at the moment he will have to wait and play the matches with Ilicitano.

This season Nacho Ramón has also had minutes in the Second Division, but in the last two months he has been relegated to the subsidiary. The same has happened to César Moreno, whom Jony has advanced, and has stopped training with the first team.

The club’s idea of ​​having a short first squad was, in addition to so that all the players were plugged in and due to the salary limit, to be able to pay more attention to the youth team. That goal has been achieved, but after the arrival of four players in the winter market and the recovery of the injured, the youth squads will have to press on the branch, which is needed with a streak of seven games without a win, and wait for a new opportunity arises.



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