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The quarterly "Zadig" wants to make France more readable

After the weekly 1 and the magazine America, journalist Éric Fottorino and his team are about to launch Zadig, a quarterly that intends to show "all France, who tell France".

Two years ago, long before the movement of yellow vests revealed the fractures of French society, journalist and writer Éric Fottorino, former director of World and co-founder of publications 1 and America had the idea of ​​a journal that would write "The true novel of France" today. A novel, he imagined, in which the country would recognize itself and which would give him the desire to " to gather ".

"Five years ago, the first issue of the 1 headline: France is still dreaming ?, with testimonials from creators – Depardon, Le Clezio, Angelin Preljocaj … -, this free and plural France, recalls Eric Fottorino. I then had the intuition that if this week (which offers crossed views on the same subject) succeeded, it would be necessary to give him a vertical column on another temporality. The inspiration of the 1 and the experience of the magazine America (in which great authors tell America) led to Zadig, where we have been working for two years. "

The 1 wants to be "a new press experience"

The optimistic and obstinate figure of Zadig

The proliferation of false news, the crisis of representativeness and the dissolution of "All landmarks" have strengthened, according to him, "The urgency to offer stories" for "Put words" on the ills of society and propose "Dive into all realities" from the country.

Why did you call him Zadig? "Unlike Candide, another of Voltaire's heroes, Zadig has a hard time, but he is resilient, he stands up stubbornly and without ceasing to believe in happiness. he explains. He is not fatalistic, he believes in his destiny on the condition of forging it for himself. A bit like the French people who always knew how to get back on their feet "

Released March 21st

The teams of the 1 and D'America(created with the production company of François Busnel), composed of a dozen people, finalize the first issue, which will be released on spring day, March 20.

Writers Take Up Trump's America Challenge

This quarterly 196 pages wishes "To make readable a country become illegible: France", write its founders (Eric Fottorino, Francois Vey, Natalie Thiriez, Laurent Greilsamer) on the kisskissbankbank crowdfunding platform. In forty-eight hours, the project has already convinced 1,200 contributors and raised € 58,000, more than half of the first threshold of € 100,000, required for its manufacture and the constitution of a dedicated team.

"The real is not behind a screen"

Mona Ozouf, Pierre Rosanvallon and Patrick Boucheron, the demographer Hervé Le Bras, or writers Marie Darrieussecq (new), Leïla Slimani (chronic) or Régis Jauffret (micro-stories from the regional press) participated in the first issue. . Christian Bobin will tell his city of Creusot, Maylis of Kerangal, the Haven of his childhood. The stories of these writers will be accompanied by investigations into the immersion of reporters enlisted on the high seas with fishermen from Guilvinec or alongside a liberal nurse from Hauts-de-France.

"Zadig will be keen to tell the human story. A newspaper must breathe the same air as those it talks about. The real is not behind a screen » , proclaimed its founders. At the beginning of the quarterly, is displayed a map of France and its Overseas that Zadig promises to crisscross "number after number".

100,000 to 200,000 euros

The magazine also intends to stand out on the form, with illustrations by Catherine Meurisse, Mathieu Sapin or Nicolas Vial. Photography will have its place. And, the height of chic for a library, the edge of each issue will gradually reveal a fresco by the painter Gérard Fromanger. As for 1 and America, the artistic direction was entrusted to Antoine Ricardou's studio Be-Pole.

If the first threshold of 100,000 € is likely to be crossed in the remaining 34 days to participate, the team hopes to raise 150,000 and 200,000 euros to offer Zadigsold in newsstands and bookstores, a launching campaign and dissemination throughout the territory. This fundraising campaign also aims to measure the public's appetite for a new press title, in a context of general decline.

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