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The “race against the clock” of works on line 6

by archyw

REPORT – These development and renovation works aim to maintain safety on the tracks between the Passy and Pasteur stations of line 6, before being put back into circulation on August 28 in Paris

A building site in levitation. At more than five meters in height, on the airways of line 6, nearly 200 welders, masons and metalworkers are working day and night to revive the shine. The objective of the summer work on the Paris metro is to modernize the viaduct in the western sector of the line. 118 years old, this parcel of aerial bridge notably links the 15th and 16th arrondissements of Paris. The noise is a first clue: the crackling of welding gives way to the clicking of riveters, a few hundred meters away the whirring of sandblasters are hidden behind white canvases.

The RATP thus hopes to adapt to the new, wider trainsets, the 2.6 km of double track connecting the 13 stations located between Pasteur and Passy. The cost of this work is estimated at nearly 44 million euros. The last stage of a project spread over three summers (2014, 2019 and 2021), the renovation of the viaduct includes the replacement of the waterproofing coating in order to prevent any infiltration.

Small hands and big machines take turns in three zones

“Everything is optimized by the minute”, explains Joël Pierre, Civil Engineering studies manager, assigned to the preparation of the channel (…) Read more in 20minutes

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