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The racist message that a man left at a Mexican food restaurant in Alabama

The owner of a Mexican restaurant He sent a letter to a client after the man left a racist message on the payment receipt.

According to the Facebook page of Charrito's Bar & Grill, instead of leaving a tip, the man who dined at the restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday, He wrote to the waiters an offensive note.

"Dark sons of bitches," the diner wrote. "Trump is going to fuck them all."

The restaurant workers said that the man's visit went normally, except for a comment that the client made when asked if he wanted to pay in cash or with a card, according to the news network WHNT. Supposedly the man replied "Do whites ever use cash?"

It was not until after he left, that the restaurant noticed the message racist on the receipt.

The owner, Vanessa Martínez, went to the social networks to respond to comments made by the client, whose name was not disclosed.

In a local Facebook message, the owner wrote the following:

"We are a local family business, our employees and most of our clients are like a family, we do not care about your political origin, race or the gender you prefer, EVERYONE IS WELCOME! We treat each client with respect and we welcome everyone with open arms and a smile.

We would like everyone to know that this behavior is not tolerated in our restaurant. Our staff and any client in our facilities require respect.

If you do not agree with this, please save us the time and the hassle and Do not enter. IT IS NOT WELCOME!

God bless you all!!! Thank you!

Your friends here at Charrito's Bar & Grill! "

"I'm not sure the discrimination got worse. hostile attitudes and actions against Latinos have certainly become more visible and current", said to Infobae in June 2018 the political scientist Vladimir E. Medenica, researcher at the University of Chicago.

"We have seen both individuals and government agents, in places like New York, Montana and others, harassing people just for speaking Spanish. US citizens have been detained by ICE (the Immigration Service). "

According to data from the United States Census Bureau, there are 57.5 million Latinos living in the country. It is the most numerous ethnic minority and it is on the rise: it grew 2% in the last two years and it is expected that in 2060 it will be 119 million. They currently represent 17.8% of the population US and it is estimated that they would reach 28.6% in the next 50 years.


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