The “Ranch of the Almost Famous” opens :: Diario La Unión

The descendants of Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Lawrence, Pat Benatar, Shaquille O’Neal , David Hasselhoff , Billy Gunn and other stars will try to give their all to prove that they are more than the children of celebrities in the new reality show “El Rancho of the Almost Famous” that premieres on Monday at 22 on through E! Entertainment.

Leaving behind the glamor of Hollywood, E! Entertainment brings together eight children of acclaimed global stars for the ride of a lifetime on a ranch in Colorado, USA.

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Throughout the season, these poor little rich kids will face hilarious misadventures as they work to restore and reopen Saddleback Ranch, a ranch closed to the public during the pandemic.

Known for their famous parents, the cast sets out to prove that they are more than their last names. Throughout your stay, you will be assigned challenging jobs and tasks by the ranch owners.

As they navigate an unfamiliar and often uncomfortable life situation, the group connects through their shared unique experiences growing up with famous parents.