“The Rare and Expensive Motorhome Even Celebrities Can’t Resist”

We know that the big weakness of celebrities are the latest model cars, but lately motorhomes have gained a lot of prominence. Look which one is the rarest of all!

April 28, 2023 7:34 p.m.

Motorhomes, mobile homes or minibuses are practically mansions with four wheels. Many of the celebrities around the world can use them for their extensive tours and thus create a situation of comfort that makes them feel at home. Singers, actors, and politicians often use their motorhomes when undertaking new projects.

Different personalities like Will Smith, Justin Bieber or Timbaland, the music producer, have bought these sidewalk monsters to combine work and pleasure. However, others, like Beyoncé, decide to rent them to avoid having to cover so many expenses during their extensive recordings or tours. In this case, there is one that is the rarest of all. Let’s see!

This is the rarest motorhome in the world

el interior de la eleMMent Palazzo Superior

The absolutely superior of Mobile brands It is undoubtedly a very rare, expensive and luxurious caravan model. There are not many celebrities who are prepared to acquire it, since its price is around 3 million dollars. It has three different levels and an exclusive garage to store a car inside itself. an absurdity.

It also uses a solar panel in the front to accumulate energy during the day. Among its main luxury features are: its double bed, three bedrooms, living room, personalized room (where many celebrities work on their own projects), bathroom, shower with led lights and entertainment system with LED TV and surround sound.

One of the owners of this motorhome is the American rapper, actor and controversial artist Will Smith. After his foray into the Oscars, the famous American was able to lower the adrenaline a bit by taking refuge in his large luxury motorhome. Let’s remember that this is a good option for Hollywood members to distance themselves from fans and calm their anxiety.

2023-04-28 22:45:09

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