The rare hyundai has a price for the Czech market, one of the 25 pieces will cost 900,000

After Hyundai announced a limited edition Drive-N for the sharp hatchback i30 N after the facelift at the beginning of May, we also know the conditions for the Czech market. While the edition is available as a hatchback and fastback in the world, 25 hatchbacks will arrive in the Czech Republic.

The domestic price starts at almost CZK 899,990 CZK incl. VAT for variant with manual transmission. An additional 50,000 must be paid for the variant with a dual-clutch gearbox.

Another surcharge can only be the white color of the body for 10 thousand crowns, the second option is the standard black.

The edition differs by forged 19-inch alloy wheels, which are exceptionally painted in matt, dark bronze. The exterior also differs from the “regular” i30 N by black logos, special foils on the sides, bow and stern and two specific logos in matt, dark bronze on the fenders.

The special edition logos also show the GPS coordinates of the N-Model home, Hyundai’s test center at the Nürburgring in Germany. The interior of each car has a unique label with a serial number in a limited edition.

Instead of leather, the steering wheel, gear lever, armrests and handbrake handle are sewn with alcantara with red stitching. All decorative elements inside the car are red.

This also applies to the seat belts on the front and rear seats, the N buttons on the steering wheel and trim areas, and the stitching on the light N seats with a new design. The cars also have exclusive rugs.

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