the rarest objects thrown onto a soccer field

Luis Figo returned in 2002 to the Camp Nou wearing the shirt of the eternal rival, and what awaited him was not exactly a warm welcome. In addition to the whistles and insults that the Portuguese had to hear every time he touched a ball, objects were dropped at each corner. Unusually, one of the objects that was thrown into the field was a suckling pig’s head. The referee decided to suspend the match for a few minutes until tempers calmed down. The Competition Committee opened a file with FC Barcelona considering the incidents as serious or very serious, but finally the sanction of closing the field was replaced by a financial fine. The image of Figo’s suckling pig has been recorded as one of the most iconic of the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​but it is not the only time this type of situation has been experienced in a stadium.

Soccer is a passion for good and bad. A controversial referee decision, the betrayal of a player, the attitude on the team’s field or the errors of the board It can blow up the stands and turn the stadiums into the most surreal protest scenes. In addition to the banners, the chants and the insults, in numerous matches the anger of the fans has been reflected in a shower of objects on the pitch. Lighters, batteries, radios, food, vibrators, toys and even wheelbarrows or motorcycles. These are the rarest objects thrown on the grass during a soccer game: