The rate of vaccination against covid falls in Aragon to less than 3,000 weekly doses

The rhythm of the vaccination campaign against covid-19 is already reaching its peak in Aragón after have immunized about 90% of the population older than 5 years, more than a year after this process was launched. The units that are administered each week have been significantly reduced progressively since last January, now accounting for less than 3,000 units.

Since the end of December 2020, when the immunization campaign against the coronavirus began in nursing homes, more than 2.85 million vaccines have already been administered, of which 1.07 million correspond to second doses and 618,533, to third parties, according to the information provided on the Aragón Transparency portal. Some data that shows that the percentage of people aged 5 and over who have started vaccination is 91.75%; and with a complete schedule, 89.54%.

According to the latest update from the Ministry of Health, there are around 2.2% of incomplete guidelines, similar to the national average. They are figures, in any case, that exceed, and muchlthe initial forecastswho spoke of herd immunity being achieved upon reaching coverage 70%and percentage that was increasing as Aragon faced new waves of the pandemic, and that was added to the possibility of receiving a third puncture to all those over 18 years of age since the beginning of the year; as well as a fourth for very vulnerable people.

With high coverage among those over 60 years of age, Public Health set itself the objective a few weeks ago to reinforce the booster doses among those under that age, where the percentage decreases as age decreases. In the range of 45 to 49 years, for example, it is around 50.42%; and from 40 to 44, 38.98%.

It was also set as a challenge increase vaccination coverage with first doses in children aged 5 to 11 years (103,760) with the Pfizer pediatric presentation and completing the second doses. In Aragon, more than the child population of this age group has at least one dose (57.49%), while the complete guideline is 42.8%. It must be remembered that during the omicron wave many children were infected, which forced the second appointment to be postponed.

Given the high immunization coverage, the number of doses decreases. Far are the more than 75,000 who were inoculated in the second week of last Januaryeither. And besides, a lot of people got infected at Christmas, and the recommendation of Public Health is that the third dose be given five months after the diagnosis. A deadline that will be met in May, at which time the need for vaccination could increase again. The slower pace of the campaign forces, in turn, to limit the number of health centers that offer the possibility of receiving this drug. Sources from the Department of Health indicated that, in Zaragoza capital, this week the agendas were open in Actur Norte, Santa Isabel, Picarral, Almozara, Fernando el Católico, San José Sur, San Pablo, Venecia and Universitas.