The RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings

To the sadness of many viewers, there is an RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings.

Is about Nurses, that little by little has been losing fans.

The production returned to the small screen earlier this year, having an enviable rating. And it is that he returned to the first tuning place, passing the ten points.

However, viewers have been quite annoyed by the changes in the novel, in terms of characters and stories, and have assured that they have stopped watching.

They have even asked RCN to finish it now, as they claim that they are only lengthening the story.

All these negative comments have been reflected in the rating, as the figures are getting lower and lower.

For example, the novel finished the week with less than five points and also ranked eighth out of the ten most viewed productions.

These were the figures provided by Kantar Ibope Media:

The RCN novel that is falling to the lowest of ratings

Nurses It stars Sebastián Carvajal and Diana Hoyos, who give life to Carlos and María Clara, a doctor and a nurse who meet and fall in love at the Santa Rosa hospital.

“We have two nurses who are on set and are waiting for everything to come out as close to reality. We must also understand that it is a dramatization and that therefore we cannot do everything glued to reality. For example, a resuscitation can last 12 minutes and we cannot stay at that because the scene and the entire chapter are going away, ”Diana told Publimetro a few months ago.

It is worth mentioning that the production changed its schedule recently. Now it is broadcast at eight o’clock at night.



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