The ‘real-life Tarzan’ died upon returning to civilization

Ho Van Lang lived more than 40 years in the jungle and when his story was known, he was nicknamed ‘Tarzan‘. The man died after being rescued, involuntarily, a few years ago.

Lang had fled, in 1972, by the war conflict between south and north of Vietnam when He was 3 years old. At that time, there were about 10 million people who sought refuge in other countries, according to figures presented by the UN Refugee Agency.

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Before the conflict, the family of Lang It was made up of her parents and four siblings. According to ‘BBC‘, two of his brothers and their mother they died during the war. One of his brothers survived with some relatives and Lang he went to the jungle together with his father.

Tarzan‘he lived in a primitive environment, slept in a hut, hunting and scouted nearby crops to get fruits. Besides, he thought that other humans might harm him.

Even in a documentary, the man said: “About five people saw me in the jungle. I would run and hide. People could hurt me“.

Ho Van Lang, at 44 years old, and his father were found in 2013 because of his older brother, from that moment they began to live with him in civilization.

Back to civilization, ‘Tarzan‘ should learn the language, because living in the jungle he had only managed to learn to express himself.

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In 2017 the documentary ‘The Vietnamese Tarzan’, in which Álvaro Cerezo lives with the man to show him how he lived and tell him what he was living in this the new World. In that same year his father died because of diseases of old age.

According Cerezo, in an interview with ‘New York Post‘mentioned: “I didn’t like seeing him living in civilization. I was always worried that he and his body they couldn’t handle such a drastic change. He had spent his entire life in the jungle and then came to live in the civilized world, where he began to eat processed foods and sometimes drink alcohol. “

Tarzan‘had struck up a friendship with Cerezo, and the latter confessed that he had been a excellent experience share with him.

In March 2021, he was awarded the identification document to Lang. And in recent months, the man lived in a house that had been donated to him, in the province of Quang Ngai, VietnamThere, he did various activities similar to those in the jungle, such as fishing, harvesting rice and bananas.

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The man was diagnosed with Liver cancer at the end of 2020. The disease was so advanced that it was not possible for him to access surgery.

Finally, the man passed away on September 6 at 52 at home.