The real version of “Shaolin Soccer”? Chinese football player flying knee hit opponent’s head without even a yellow card | Life | CTWANT

The real version of Shaolin football was staged again in the Chinese Super League. The picture shows the defender Deng Hanwen of Wuhan Three Towns kneeling the player Liu Huan of Beijing Guoan. (Picture / Recap from YouTube)

Many people know that in a football game, if a player makes an aggressive action or even hurts the opposing player, the referee has the right to warn the player, and even show a yellow card or a red card to punish the player. But a few days ago in the Chinese Football Association Super League, the “real version of Shaolin football” was staged again. Deng Hanwen, a defender belonging to the three towns of Wuhan, staged an exaggerated plot of “flying knees” on the court in order to prevent the players of the Beijing Guoan team from receiving the ball. In the end, the referee thought it was just an ordinary foul, and did not issue a yellow or red card to Deng Hanwen.

According to Chinese media reports, in the 24th game of the Chinese Super League, the three towns of Wuhan will face Beijing Guoan. At 33 minutes into the first half, Beijing Guoan player Liu Huan was about to stop the ball from his teammates with his head. Unexpectedly, at this moment, in order to prevent Liu Huan from receiving the ball, Deng Hanwen, a defender from Wuhan Three Towns, flew up and jumped up, trying to block the path of the ball with his knees. Unexpectedly, in the end, it turned into directly hitting Liu Huan’s head with his knee.

After the knee collision happened, Liu Huan’s original jumping action was interrupted on the spot, and he could even be seen covering his ears in pain. And Deng Hanwen, who hit Liu Huan with his knee, left without observing Liu Huan’s situation after landing. And because of this accident, the referee blew his whistle on the spot.

Just when the fans thought that Deng Hanwen would get a yellow card or even a red card for attacking the player’s head, they didn’t expect that the referee only thought it was an ordinary foul, and Deng Hanwen, who was whistled, even showed a surprised expression, thinking that he hadn’t fouled at all.

After this video was exposed, it caused many discussions among netizens. Even Japan and South Korea extended related reports. Most of the content was surprised why Chinese players would use such malicious behavior, and also surprised why the referee did not give a yellow card warning.

The report also pointed out that Deng Hanwen, who is a representative player of Chinese football, has repeatedly injured people on the field in the past. The spikes were torn apart, and Deng Hanwen finally got a yellow card for this. (Click here to watch the video at 34 minutes and 11 seconds)