The reality of this video with two fish and an eel is worse

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These days a strange video starring two fish and an eel is going viral. The video is unpleasant, disturbing, and gross enough, but you’ll be glad to hear it isn’t. shows natural behavior. The problem is, that leaves us with a lot of questions about how it was recorded.

But let’s start at the beginning. This is the video. Before you run to play, warn yourself that some people may find your content extremely unpleasant. Even if you are a fierce Internet user who has already seen everything, the clip is one of those that are creepy.

The original video is It is, and belongs to a channel called Discovery Site. The channel in question was founded in August 2020, and has a handful more videos which I miss. All of them starring fish and showing supposed very bizarre fishing techniques.

If seeing fish coming out of the ground sounds like something to you, it’s because you’ve seen it before. In November 2019, a video in which an individual was seen removing several fish from a flooded hole went viral on the ground by the strange procedure of throwing Coca-Cola and Mentos in the hole. In its day many media (including this same house) reasoned that the hole connected with a nearby river and that the fish were attracted by the bait (an egg in this case), and then forced out of the water suffocating them by suddenly adding air with the mixture of Mentos and Coca-Cola.

The reality, however, is that we ate a fake like a castle and that what we saw in that video was a prepared scene in which they first dug a hole and then threw the fish there. An investigation carried out by Futurism It suggests that the entire video was a montage that uses previously caught live fish and that what it shows has a fishing technique what I am an aeronautical engineer.

We will probably never know for sure, because Technique Tools, the channel that showed that video, disappeared from YouTube and his account was terminated for violating the terms of service. Considering the content it was showing, it is very likely that YouTube kicked it off its platform after receiving not a few complaints for animal abuse.

However, there are more channels similar to Technique Tools already Discovery Site. The oldest is ironically called Fisherman Animal Lover and has dozens of similar videos. All of them repeat the scheme of showing little credible fishing techniques and live fish doing very bizarre. Tall these channelss they have an additional thing in common: they come from India.

What are we seeing then in this video? Of course it is not 3D nor does it seem that there is any post-production. Which leaves us with a much more stomachic reality. As they explain in Snopes, the scene seems dramatized and with a very specific script. In other words, someone has bothered to bury two fish in loose and damp sand, leaving the arms of someonecalled colaborador out of plane to be able to push them up as if they came out of the ground. The part of making an eel pop out of an eel’s mouthor to enter someone else’s it can be done if you have enough stomach to cut the fish in half and introduce the eel upwards through the digestive tract. The big question is if the fish are already dead and someone is manipulating them from within as if they were gloves or they were still alive when they were cut and put the eel in them. If it really is the latter, lhe false shots of these videos have nothing to envy of Cannibal holocaust.

The details of how it was done in fact they are the least. The reality is that the behavior we see in these videos is far from being natural and that we play at making strange scenes by forcing live (or dead) animals it is a form of leisure that’s enoughvery questionable. Reality is often even worse than fiction.


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