The reason why Mizuho’s “old bank consciousness” does not disappear, what Mitsubishi UFJ / Sumitomo Mitsui does not have in “Mizuho” |

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Why did Mizuho not be reborn no matter how many times he repeated scandals, and was criticized by the Financial Services Agency for his corporate culture, saying, “I don’t say what I should say, I only do what I was told.” In the final episode of this special feature, “The Truth About Mizuho’s” Banks That Only Have Been Said “” (41 times in total), the “old-line consciousness” that is the cause of Mizuho’s many exposures to governance deficiencies Govern the lesion. Mizuho has played a territorial battle between the old three banks, which is impossible with other 2 Mega Banks. What are the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group that Mizuho does not have?

On the surface, it is peaceful but secretly established
Mizuho’s “Old Line Territory”

A merger is, so to speak, a war. As Mizuho’s former director, who negotiated the integration of the three banks, broke down, the internal conflict between the former three banks was extremely fierce.

Speaking of Mizuho, ​​there is an image that the former three banks, the Industrial Bank of Japan, the Fuji Bank, and the Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, are sparking to take the hegemony.

In fact, at the beginning of the merger, the old three banks competed with each other from the post to the position where the top of each bank sits at the press conference.

But it is no longer seen openly. In particular, in 2011, after shifting to the one-top system of president Yasuhiro Sato, who advocated breaking the consciousness of the old bank, the battle between the three former banks, which had been cut off, has almost disappeared.

However, it is not the case that the barrier between the old three lines has disappeared and the old line consciousness has been dispelled. It’s hard to see, but the old three lines of curse still remain.

Except for the younger generation who entered Mizuho, ​​10 years after the integration of the three banks, the old generation did not lose their consciousness, but rather became ingrained. In terms of organization, the reality is that the old territory has become established in each department.

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