The reason why Toyota’s top profits were achieved in such an era. Corona-ka, semiconductor shortage, strength to repel the headwinds of the Ukraine crisis (1/6) |

Korona-ka, semiconductor shortage, strength to repel the headwinds of the Ukrainian crisis

Toyota “RAV4 ​​PHV” plug-in hybrid vehicle (photographed by the author)

(Kenji Momota: Automobile Journalist)

Even in such an era, Toyota Motor Corp. set a record high profit.

On May 11, 2022, Toyota announced its financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2022. According to the report, global consolidated sales volume was 8.23 ​​million units, 107.6% of the previous year’s level. Toyota Lexus sales (retail) were 9512,000 units, 104.7% of the previous year’s level. Operating revenue is 31,379.5 billion yen, and operating income is 2,995.6 billion yen (net income of 2,850.1 billion yen).

As the Korona-ka continues, the number of countries in Europe and the United States that are allowed to live outdoors without masks has gradually increased, but there are still many countries and regions, including Japan, that have not returned to their lifestyles as before. ..

In addition, the operation of factories has been delayed due to the shortage of semiconductors, and the prices of energy and various materials, distribution costs, etc. have skyrocketed due to the influence of the Ukrainian War.

Under these circumstances, how did Toyota achieve record profits?

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