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Violence against a woman during training. Edmond Xhafa, Albanian, 50, did not want the young woman to talk to other men (but there was no relationship between them)

The man who beat a woman in a Pescara gymnasium on 27 July was arrested. A violent attack documented by internal cameras. The man is Edmond Xhafa, Albanian, 50 years old, and the Pescara carabinieri led by Colonel Riccardo Barbera notified him of pre-trial detention in prison, because he was already detained for other crimes. The order was ordered by the investigating judge of the Pescara Court, Nicola Colantonio, at the request of the prosecutor, Benedetta Salvatore.

The young gym-goer victim was hit by the bodybuilder with a strong punch to the face. Once she landed on the ground she had been dragged by her hair, the man had thrown a weight of 12 kilos without hitting her, then he had chased her and kept her locked in a room of the gym. The woman, seen in hospital, was given a prognosis of 22 days. The crime charged in Xhafa is aggravated according to article 612 bis (so-called red code). The carabinieri have in fact reconstructed that the reasons for the attack “would be attributable to jealousy”.

There has never been any romantic relationship between the two, but the man allegedly felt unrequited feelings from the girl. The fifty-year-old allegedly put in place against the victim “repeated persecutory conduct – it is clarified in a note – consisted in verbally assaulting her every time he saw her in the gym talking to a boy, demanding explanations about it, in constantly checking her, telling her that she had to stay at home and that she should not have gone out with none but with him“. And again “in insulting her with words such as” disgusting m … “, in threatening her that if he saw her around with some boy he would shoot her in the leg, so she could no longer train, specifying that she hadn’t nothing to loose”.

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