The Red Sticks start off big

Sounds ‘My big night‘ to each goal that goes up to the scoreboard of the Olympic of Terrassaon the field hockey world cup which premiered this Friday. If Raphael collects royalties for it, he will owe his newfound fortune to the Red Sticks., which could not be released more in a big way. At the beginning of a new cycle, before a Canada of which he was suspicious, the Spanish National Team solved it on the fast track, with one of those goals that serve as a declaration of intent. For them, who dream of repeating that success of Barcelona-92, and for rivals, such as Argentinawhich will be measured this Sunday.

Thunderous was the music in Terrassa as the domain of Spain from the startwith a whip the Gigi Oliva compass in the first minute that he almost did not find an auctioneer, a prelude to the four consecutive penalty corners in favor of the locals, two of them granted by the video umpire, which led to 1-0. At four minutes Belén Iglesias almost from the ground and after three attempts she scored the first goal of the Red Sticks in this World Cup. The second was Marta Segú before the end of the first period, but she left it out.

They were in tow Canadians, crouched and fearful on their return to a World Cup event after 28 years of absence, although they tried to stretch. The goalkeeper barely had to take a ball Melanie Garcia in the first 34 minutes, con Hannah Haughn as the only hint of threat.

On the contrary, the penalty corners were happening in the Rowan Harris area. And in one of them, caused by a exquisite conduction by Lucía Jiménezthe day he reached 150 caps, the 2-0 emerged. Candela Mejías put it, he riveted Xantal Giné. And four minutes to rest was María López who scored the third goal of the night, with the same ‘modus operandi’, this time forced by the real driver of the Red Sticks game, Gigi Oliva. In case the domain was not clear, before the half part, Begoña García had already established the 4-0the first in play.


Lucía Jiménez, the day she reached 150 caps.Joan M. Bascu

a few more meters Canada advanced from the third quarter, almost due to script requirementsalthough the Red Sticks were once again the closest to the goal, in the umpteenth corner penalty in their favor, which Xantal Giné finished off for Rowan Harris to shine. By insistence, three minutes from the end he did score Karli Johansen the goal of honor for the North Americans, to celebrate Canada’s national day, before the very young Jana Martínez, who had just debuted in the Spanish goal.

It will surely be another very different film. the match against Argentina this Sunday, once again at the Olímpic de Terrassa and at 9:30 pm, a perfect time for another ‘Great Night’ like the ones Raphael sings. Beforethe lionesses will have to debut this Saturday (18:00) against South Korea. At the moment, for the World Cup, the one endorsed by the Red Sticks in their debut in Canada.