The Reds beat Villa 2-1 to tie Manchester City

The Reds beat Villa 2-1 to tie Manchester City

[Now Sports]”Standard” continues to chase! Liverpool’s Premier League visit to Aston Villa on Tuesday, the start was lost, and they were shocked and scattered. In the end, with Zumadi and Sadie Ovene scoring 1 goals in the second half, they won 2:1 and tied the top Manchester City in points. The Red Army lost 2 points to Tottenham in the last round, and the prospect of competing for the bid was greatly reduced. Several changes were made in this campaign. Judith Jones appeared in midfield, and Robertson was injured and absent. The position was replaced by Sommerkas. The trident was taken up by Shady Oweni, Dio Gozuda, and Lurs Dias.

Vera, led by the former Red Army commander Sherratt, and Gutiannu and Dennis Kings, who defected to each other, were in charge. In the first half, Villa took advantage of the home advantage to attack, Denny made a cross from the left, and Douglas Luls in front of the goal made a supplementary shot and opened the scoring 3 minutes after the game started.

After less than 3 minutes, the Red Army immediately tied, Alexander Anu took a free throw, and the backbone Joël Matip shoveled in, making it 1:1. The two teams were evenly divided at halftime, but for the fans, what was more worrying was that Fabinu stepped down due to injury in the 30th minute and was replaced by Jordan Hendrickson.

In the second half, the Red Army stepped up their offensive. In the 65th minute, Lursdias attacked from the left and handed it over to Vinny to go ahead by 2:1. In 68 minutes, Denit Kings missed the single-handed opportunity and tried to cheat again before the end of the game. . In the end, the Red Army came back to victory, scoring 86 points after the game, tying Manchester City, who had played one game less, but temporarily ranked second due to the difference in goals and losses, maintaining their chance of winning the championship.