Sports The referees take out chest for the VAR

The referees take out chest for the VAR


Charles Velasco Carballo, the president of Arbitration Technical Committee (CTA), and Carlos Clos Gomez, director of VAR project, took stock of the work of the members in the first round of the League in First and Second and the recent Spain Supercup disputed in Arabia and only found reasons for the self-pomp. The VAR corrected 150 plays in 432 games. “The VAR is not infallible, but it helps make football more fair. We accept criticism, but we do not tolerate anyone doubting what we do. Referees are an example of integrity and transparency. What we did in Jeddah has not been done by any world league up to those levels, ”said Velasco Carballo.

The president of the CTA also gave as an example of how well the VAR works the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup between Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. “If the VAR had not been the team that had reached the final would have been another. In this Super Cup the intervention of the VAR has been decisive. There was a millimetric offside (by Arturo Vidal) that was fixed. The Super Cup arbitration has had a very high level. We must be proud. ”

In the same game, as for Gerard Piqué's hand in the area not called by the referee and claimed by Atlético, Velasco did not want to go into detail in the play, but he did show his agreement with the decision and explained point by point the assumptions of hand in which you have to take a penalty and those that do not: “We do not value any particular play, but it is considered an infraction when (the hand) is voluntary, is unnatural, occupies space, is at the height of the shoulder or above and when a goal is scored or generates a goal chance. It is one of the most complicated concepts of football, ”he added.

The penalties for Varane in the classic

Madrid did not request the audio of the referees

Regarding another of the recent controversies in Spanish football, Madrid's complaint in the last classic in which whites claimed two possible penalties not indicated to Varane, Velasco Carballo said that, contrary to what was said, Madrid did not He asked the CTA for the audio of the communications between the referee, Hernández Hernández, and the VOR room.

Carlos Clos Gómez intervened to show his discomfort at the complaints of the clubs due to the tightness of the signage of the offside: “Before we were killed by a centimeter; Now we are criticized when we hit by three centimeters. ”

The suspension of Lightning-Albacete

It was requested by the security coordinator

As to why the Rayo-Albacete was suspended at the break for the insults to the Ukrainian Zozulia, who was called “Nazi fucking” and was allowed to follow the Espanyol-Barcelona in which there were insults to Piqué by the Velasco tier Carballo explained it this way: “In all these cases there is a protocol that indicates the steps to follow. If the arbitrator detects these types of incidents or the security coordinator detects them, the measures are taken. It must be done in coordination. It was the security coordinator who requested the suspension in Vallecas and it was carried out because the stadium could not be evicted. As a general principle, the maximum should be that the parties are held

At the beginning of the season there were two red cards to Modric (Madrid) and Molina (Getafe) for tickets behind an opponent. Then, there have been no more reds in Primera in entries of that style. Velasco Carballo said that “at no time have we changed the criteria and we will never do so in the middle of the season. In Second yes there have been more red. In that play and at the time of taking out the red one, two things have to be weighed: if there is excessive force at the entrance and if the integrity of the player who has been fouled is compromised ”.


Only complaints from clubs come to light

Velasco Carballo denies that there is a general anger on the part of the clubs about the operation of the VAR. He also denied that the referees do not make self-criticism: “Every week we send seven or eight video clips to our referees so they can see how they can improve. We also meet them once a month to have a critical spirit. External criticisms are assumed normally. We have just shared that 150 times we have corrected the referees. Our problem is that club presidents never go out to say that this has worked. Positive things are not recognized. ”

This issue of criticism was the only one that ignited the president of the CTA: “It is a serious issue and it hurts competition, football and arbitration. Doubting the integrity of it is very serious. You will find my maximum opposition. We accept even the criticism of scarf, but we do not tolerate doubting what the referee does in the field and in the VAR. That is intolerable. ”

The mistakes

98% of hits in the areas

Within the self-criticism, and according to the data shown in the press conference, of the 425 incidents checked in the area there have been seven occasions in which the VAR has not corrected errors that had to be corrected. The total success in this regard is more than 98%. "The VAR has reduced protests by 11% and player simulations by 67%," said Clos Gómez.

Velasco Carballo believes that there are three aspects in which we need to improve more: "the time for reviewing the plays, training on hand-related sanctions and continuing to work on the unification of the arbitration criteria."


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