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Home News The references "parent 1 and parent 2" in the school forms divide

The references "parent 1 and parent 2" in the school forms divide

Jean-Michel Blanquer during the debate on – Jacques Witt / SIPA

An administrative change that each refers to its conception of society. The amendment which devotes same-sex parenting in the school forms that will have to bear the mentions "parent 1 and parent 2" and no longer "father and mother" strongly reacted on Thursday the associations of parents of students and conservative movements.

MEPs adopted on Tuesday at first reading this amendment LREM as part of the bill "for a school of trust", against the advice of the government. Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer and the rapporteur Anne-Christine Lang (LREM) gave an unfavorable opinion that the requested change did not fall within the legislative domain.

"It takes into account the evolution of family situations"

The text "aims to anchor in the legislation the family diversity of children in the administrative forms submitted to the school," said MP Valérie Petit (LREM) at the origin of the text. An argument that takes the CIPF, first federation of parents of students, which welcomes the vote of the deputies. "It's a very good thing, it takes into account the evolution of family situations", reacted with AFP Rodrigo Arenas, co-chair of CIPF. "It resonates with the law passed on the fight against harassment, because often situations of child harassment target children not entering the boxes," he added.

The Association of Homoparental Families (AFDH) is more reserved. "At first, we welcomed the amendment because, technically, it allows our families to be included in forms that previously did not allow it," said Alexandre Urwicz, president of the AFDH, with AFP. But he says he fears that this formulation creates "a parental hierarchy". "Who is" parent number 1 "and who is" parent number 2 "? He asked himself. And to pronounce for "inclusive" forms with checkboxes: "father", "mother", "legal representative".

Conservative movements standing wind

Conservative associations are upwind, like Ludovine de la Rochère, president of the Manif for all, who calls this text "absolutely dehumanizing". "Children need benchmarks. Today, we cry the lack of landmarks and, typically, this amendment goes in this direction of fundamental benchmarks that disappear, "she added to AFP.

Tugdual Derville, director of Alliance Vita, anti-abortion and anti-marriage for all, even called for "civil disobedience". "We will invite, when the time comes, the parents to refuse to register in boxes that claim to erase their identity in sexual indifferentiation," he said in a statement.


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