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the referral of Syrian refugees considered

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer plans to send Syrian refugees back to Syria who are guilty of crimes or threatening the security of Germany, according to statements in regional newspapers today. "We are looking closely at this moment" this issue, said the very conservative minister, in the newspapers of the group Redaktionsnetzwerk.

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Several regional officials, all conservative, have spoken out for deportations to Syria for criminals, a debate that emerged after a recent meeting rape of which seven Syrians are suspected.

The regional ministers of the interior of Saxony and Bavaria are particularly in favor of such a measure for criminals and dangerous people "if the situation concerning the security on the spot (in Syria) allows it", according to the Saxon Minister Roland Wöller.

Germany has declared a moratorium on expulsions to Syria in 2012. At the end of November the regional ministers of the interior must decide whether to extend the measure beyond December 31, 2018. The far-right party Alternative for the Germany (AfD), which has experienced significant growth following the influx of asylum seekers in the years 2015-2016, is also calling for the resumption of expulsions to Syria despite the ongoing armed conflict since 2011.



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