The release date of Project CARS 3 announced with awesome new Trailer

A new Trailer for Project CARS 3 has been released today evening along with a release date for the game, which is currently set to “summer 2020”.

Slightly Mad Studios announced today that Project Cars 3 with a new In-Engine-revelation-Trailer.

Details of the new game in the Project CARS are for the moment limited, since, apparently, no other Details about the game outside of PlayStation Europe uploaded Trailers are available.

Here is the description however.

“Get ready for your ultimate driver journey. Own, to improve and customize hundreds of road and race cars of the Elite brand, a persona to personalise your Rennhelden and race then of stunning global locations, from the weekend warrior to the racing legend. Project CARS 3. ”

What is most surprising, is that the game has a release date for “summer 2020” is defined.

This would allow the Start of the games between the end of June 2020 and the end of September 2020.

At the Moment, the game is provided to you only as a Start for PS4 in the bill, but we’d imagine that an Xbox One Version on the Plan.

Not a word to PS5 or Xbox Series the X-versions, but with the introduction of new Hardware this year, and Sony (supposedly) that informs developers of new games starting in July, with PlayStation 5 need to move forward, be compatible, seems to be a compared to gripping to be the end Version .

At the beginning of this year, Ian Bell – the CEO of the project car developer Slightly Mad Studios said that the development of project cars 3 was well advanced before he added, “PC3 is a Game Changer”.

Hopefully to be announced soon with further Details of the new Start. For more information, as soon as we receive it.

Enjoy for the time being, the magnificent graphics of the new Trailer directly above it.

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