the release date revealed by mistake

Will the PS5 Pro soon have an official presentation? Sony has not provided any information at this time. However, the release date of the console has just been revealed by mistake.

The PS5 Pro reveals itself

Will the PS5 Pro be a reality soon? With the concerns that the PS5 is experiencing, Sony prefers not to speak officially about the machine for the moment. But the rumors are numerous.

As much for the price of the console, which could rise very high, as for its capacities, which should also clearly exceed those of the PS5. And a new leak confirms this information and above all, the release date of the console. And we owe all this to TCL, which gave a conference a few days ago.

The PS5 Pro and its 8K soon with us?

On May 25, TCL Technology held a conference in Poland to discuss the future of the group and its new products. When discussing televisions, a slideshow was displayed to show the compatibility of these with video game consoles. Logically, the PS4/Xbox One generation appears. Like the PS5/Xbox Series generation. But the slideshow also displays vital information about the PS5 Pro.

We discover that the release of the Sony machine is scheduled for 2023 and 2024. The console would be able to display a rendering in 4K at 120 FPS and up to 8K. The same for the future Xbox Series X, which would be released over the same period.

Difficult to imagine that TCL delivers erroneous information or allows itself to speculate during a conference of major importance. Especially when discussing the characteristics of the two machines. On the other hand, the group may not have expected the presentation to leak. If the PS5 Pro is released in 2023, some may prefer to wait for its release rather than buy the classic PS5.