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The report cards of Genoa-Napoli 1-2: Ruiz and Mertens decisive, Milik in the shade

=== === Genoa

Andrei RADU 6.5 – Prodigious in the first half on Milik, save his hips in the recovery on Insigne. It can little on goals.

Davide BIRASCHI 5.5 – Do not dispute a bad performance, indeed, if it gets in marking. But it is his own goal that condemns his third defeat in a row.

Cristian ROMERO 6.5 – A couple of decisive interventions, with the good or bad, sweep the area, taking care of the hard. Driving great defense, it was not easy against Napoli.

Domenico CRISCITO 6 – Experience and technique available to the team, especially in the first half. Then it falls.

ROMULO 6.5 – Pushes seamlessly until the camp allows and gives an assist to kiss to Kouame. (from 89 ' Goran PANDEV SV)

Daniel BESSA 6 – Active in both phases, even if in the offensive difficult to risk the game.

Miguel VELOSO 5.5 – It is not at the height of the condition and it shows. He fights, but he struggles there in the middle, finishing the petrol soon – (from 58 ' Stephane OMEONGA 6 – Come in when the game becomes a water polo challenge, fight as much as you can)

Oscar HILJEMARK 6 – Back holder and not demerita, giostrando rather well the ball for an hour. In the second half goes to the shot, badly. (from 78 ' Luca MAZZITELLI SV)

Darko LAZOVIC 6 – Generous, especially in the first half, when he puts in the middle a couple of potentially interesting crosses.

Christian KOUAMÈ 6.5 – Score a great goal, the second in the league, and apprehensively defends Napoli with its race and its freshness. He also tries in the second half, is stopped by puddles.

Krzysztof PIATEK 5.5 – Part with desire with the turnaround-and-shot that is worth the first opportunity of the match. Then it is no longer dangerous. Fasting continues.

Kouamé, Genoa-Napoli, Serie A

Kouamé, Genoa-Napoli, Serie AGetty Images

=== === Napoli

David OSPINA 6 – He can not much on Kouamè's goal, for the rest he is not called to extraordinary interventions.

Elseid HYSAJ 5 – Many technical errors and a rough marking that allows Kouamè to stamp 1-0. In pushing it does not combine much. (from 80 ' Kevin MALCUIT SV)

Raul ALBIOL 6 – A few smudges behind, puts the hand in the Biraschi's own line.

Kalidou KOULIBALY 6.5 – Some initial distraction then is the usual security. He immediately made it clear to Piatek that he will have a hard life with him. It shows up with a couple of front steps, but without luck.

Mario RUI 6 – Napoli pushes above all on his side even if he does not make sparks. However sufficient performance.

Josè Maria CALLEJON 5.5 – A little in the shade compared to usual. Stopped by Radu in the first half, he suffers more than other rain.

ALLAN 6 – A "normal" match after the monstrous performances of the last times. But he remains an irreplaceable player for Carlo Ancelotti.

Marek HAMSIK 6 – Directs operations at the center of the field and goes to the shot at the beginning of the game. Bare more to practicality than to flashy plays.

Piotr ZIELINSKI 5.5 – Dangerous with a left deviated by Romero, then little else. And in fact it remains in the locker room at the interval. (from 46 ' Fabian RUIZ 7.5 – He enters and is another Naples. It gives a tear to the match with its physicality and also becomes a point of reference in the offensive phase, talking to the great with Mertens. At times it seems that the impractical camp is not a problem for him from how strong he is. Decisive, beyond the goal. )

Lorenzo INSIGNE 6.5 – It comes on in flashes, but when it does they are often pains for Genoa. A pole and a pair of assists to kiss for the companions. In the second half, it was difficult, but it was foreseeable with such a field.

Arkadiusz MILIK 5 – Radu says no with a great intervention but the feeling is that he could do something better. For the rest we see very little. Failed by Ancelotti after a while. (from 46 ' Dries MERTENS 7 – Another that changes the game. Shooting twice before giving a magical assist to Fabian Ruiz. If it was not 100% it was not seen.)

Video – "Decibel" Bellini, the speaker of Naples that makes all the San Paolo shout




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