Home News The reports in Florida begin to escalate tensions throughout the state

The reports in Florida begin to escalate tensions throughout the state

More than three days after the polls were closed in Florida, the State Secretary announced on Saturday afternoon that the gossamer-friendly races for Governor, Senator and Commissioner for Agriculture will be reviewed in a series of reports.

According to unofficial results from the counties, Republican Governor Rick Scott quotes Acting Democratic Senator Bill Nelson with more than 12,500 votes, or about 0.15%. The margin in the governor's race is bigger. Republican ex-deputy Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum, was ahead of the Democratic mayor of Tallahassee by 34,000, an advantage of 0.41%. In the narrowest competition, Democrat Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried benefits from 5,326 votes – just 0.06% – over Republican Matt Caldwell.

As the margins in all three competitions are under, 5%, the votes are now recalculated by machine. This process must be completed by 3pm. on Thursday. Races within 0.25% are then counted to a hand count of superscripts and subheads. Exceeding means that a voter has selected more than the options assigned on the ballot. An undervaluation means that one vote is less than the available selection or none in those races. Both the Senate Race and the Competition Commissioner are currently both at 0.25%.

Both the Senate Race and the Competition Commissioner are currently both at 0.25%.

In a statement, after the unofficial census was published, Scott's campaign urged Nelson to decide to recount what is his option under state law.

"It's time for Senator Nelson to accept the reality and spare the State of Florida the time, expense and disagreement of a recount," said Scott spokesman Chris Hartline.

As the politicians tweeted and activists launched new protests this weekend, demonstrators on the streets in front of the Broward County Supervisor of Elections targeted Snipes on Friday and sang "Lock Them Down" and "Wrong Voices Do not Count" while they and others worked inside try to finish the first vote count. The signs and hats "Make America Great Again" and "Trump 2020" were also visible when a group of shields supporting Scott and DeSantis was hit by another Democrat supporter, as the screaming matches from nose to nose nearly closed physical conflicts escalated.

Scott escalated on Thursday night, when tensions arose throughout the state when he took a page from President Donald Trump at a press conference and, without giving any evidence, accused "Leftist activists in Broward County" of trying to win the election for Nelson to steal . The county, in the deep blue part of South Florida, is notoriously slow at ballot counting, and as its number increased, Scott's leadership was likely to have narrowed. In a series of tweets on Friday, Trump picked up the thread and accused the Democrats of attempting "election theft in Broward and Palm Beach counties".
But Scott's request to investigate electoral fraud did not go very far. On Friday, the US Department of Law Enforcement said that the US State Department, appointed by a Republican Scott, said they had received "no charge of criminal activity." Even so, Scott's Saturday morning campaign made an ominous statement, "which encourages every Florida Sheriff to be alert to and take action."
Meanwhile, Nelson's campaign filed a lawsuit against the state over the e-mail validation process.

Democratic attorney Marc Elias, who runs Nelson's refining campaign, argued that Florida's signature-matching process unduly undermined the "unduly educated" opinion of election officials, leading to a "complete lack of unity" in the assessment of ballots.

"This is a veritable denunciation and encumbrance to suffrage," said Elias on Friday in a call.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has also kicked himself into the fight, claiming on Thursday and Friday – like Scott and the President without evidence – that there are "shenanigans in Broward and Palm Beach" before making a weird impression on Liberal liberals from Washington was at work to manipulate the election. In fact, out-of-court lawyers from both parties, including a handful who had significant roles 18 years ago, flocked to Florida even before the recount.

Graham made a phone call for Scott's campaign on Saturday, accusing Scott's attorneyship and reprimanding the Broward and Palm Beach election officials for lack of transparency.

"Rick has a good team of lawyers," Graham said. "The lawyers will not decide this race, voters will do it, I support every valid vote that is counted, but I also support the rule of law when it comes to voting."

Allegations and rumors of missed or lost voices around the state on Friday caused simmering annoyance and confusion as the campaigns, lawyers, activists and freelance mob heroes girded themselves to recapture the partisan struggle conquered during the party struggle.

In front of a postal distribution center in Miami-Dade County, a group of activists with pictures of allegedly unspecified ballots tried to meet with a supervisor. Later that day, a spokeswoman for the US Postal Service said it "researched the matter to see if all the ballots were handled according to USPS service standards."

It had been difficult to get detailed information about the status of the race before Sunday morning before the deadline. Scott successfully sued the election officials in Broward and Palm Beach Counties for information on the total number of votes cast and the number of votes requested.

In Broward, Brenda Snipes forwarded information to Scott and his team for review late on Friday. Before midnight, the campaign issued a new press release alleging that Snipes had not fully complied with the court order "because it refuses to confirm whether or not there are additional ballots that need to be counted."

In addition to the difficulties of Broward County, a CNN analysis of the votes cast there suggests that ballot design could account for a significant difference in the number of votes cast between the governor's race and the Florida Senator race ,



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