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The Republicans in the Senate feel the cutoff pressure as Trump tweets get angry at | US news

On Day 24 of the partial government shutdown, the longest in the history of the government, the Senate Republicans appeared to be best placed to negotiate the reopening of federal ministries and endangered services and the restoration of wages for 800,000 workers.

South Carolina's Lindsey Graham, who has been eager to get closer to Donald Trump, told the president to temporarily reopen the government to pursue a deal. Some Democrats expressed their support.

However, Trump agreed – critics would call hostage – conservative media who speak for and on his basis and was not weakened on the support for his attitude towards the funds for a border wall.

On Sunday night, the president tweeted the anger of Scattergun from an understaffed White House. He threatened to "economically destroy" Turkey if it wished to benefit from its withdrawal from Syria; he pleased the personal difficulties of the owner of the Washington Post, whom he called "Jeff Bozo"; and he twittered which many attacked as a virulent racist message about Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator she met in 2020.

Trump added an Instagram video posted by Warren and wrote, "If the senator had been referred to by me frequently as a pocahontas, made this commercial by Bighorn or Wounded Knee instead of the kitchen with her man dressed in full Indian garb, it would be been a blast! "

The dispute over Warren's aboriginal descent fueled by Trump has stalled her early campaign moves.

Graham endeavored to draw Trump to serious policy, although his earlier attempts to change the President's mind, such as in Syria, have at most achieved some uncertainty. Trump wishes Wall funding before he signs a law to open the government. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi will not legislate, including Trump's $ 5.7 billion request. Senate Republicans will not legislate without them.

At Fox News Sunday, Graham said, "Before he questions the legislative option, and I think we're almost there, I'd like to urge him to open the government for a short time, about three weeks before He pulls the plug and See if we can get a deal. If we can not make it after three weeks, then all bets are over. "

Graham said that if a temporary reopening had failed, Trump should use "emergency forces" to evade Congress, as he threatened, and finance the Wall from sources such as military construction budgets, disaster relief funds, or asset management funds taken from criminals by the Justice department.

Such a move would bring both legal challenges and liberal opposition, but the Democrats would probably not stop him, and it could be a political success with Trump's base. Some advisors say he acted to reopen the government and expose the sluggishness of the congress – and as a bonus, if he gets tied up in court, he would not really have to build the wall.

Among the Republicans of Congress, some fear that such exercise of executive power would set a damaging precedent for future White House Democrats. Hopes for a deal that includes the legal status of Dreamers, undocumented migrants who were brought to the US as children, remain painful.

Trump too has tweeted across the border On Sunday evening one tries to represent a crisis. On the right, Former Nixon Advisor and Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, a representative of the Paleoconservative Party, cited the threat to the population and unintentionally displaced Dylan Thomas as he wrote: "America's southern border will eventually be militarized and defended or become the United States, as we have known, cease to exist … and the Americans will not go gently into this good night. "

In a more reasonable sense, the pressure on Senate Republicans, who can see the votes against Trump and their party give in, is likely to pay off with actual progress. Democrats describe themselves as receptive to dealmaking. On Sunday, Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat, named Graham's idea a "great starting point."

"I think that if we open the government again, when the president brings the crisis to a halt, we have people who can negotiate a responsible, modern investment in technology that actually makes us safer [at the border]Coons also said on Fox News Sunday.

Other high-ranking Senate Democrats, including Mark Warner of Virginia and Dick Durbin of Illinois, were open to increased spending on border security. Just not the wall.

If his temporary plan does not happen, Graham said, an emergency response is "the last option, not the first option, but we're pretty close to it being the only option."

Trump pledged to build the Wall and let Mexico pay for it. In light of the political reality – in 2017, he told the Mexican president, "We're both a bit politically involved because I have to pay Mexico for the wall, I have to," he says now, Mexico will do so through savings from a new trade agreement. Analysts have undermined this claim.

The congress was due to take place in Washington on Monday, dawning under heavy snowfall and key government functions, from airport security to immigration courts to environmental and food inspections. On Friday, workers affected by the closure missed their first paycheck from 2019. Stories of hardship that often affect those who live or sell such Americans are spreading throughout the country.


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