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The reservoir of the Rochebut dam, on the Cher, near Montluçon (Allier) is a popular spot for fishermen

by archyw

It is an attraction for lovers of fishing far beyond the department. Close to Mazirat, the Rochebut reservoir welcomes, on average, about twenty people each day, with their rods and lures, to fish in this quiet place with 20 tonnes of fish.

“Last week we still had Germans and Portuguese on the site. They stayed behind with their tents ”

Steve Leroy (President of the Bourbonnais Fishermen’s Union)

The reputation of the place is due in particular to the international carp forum which takes place in Montluçon every two years. “More than 25,000 people come from all over. We can’t wait to be at the next one in 2022, ”adds the president of the association to the 2,900 Montluçonnais members.

On its 158 hectares, the “pleasant and calm” lake of the dam, fed by the Cher and the Tardes, is mainly home to carp and pike-perch. It is also possible to catch catfish or even pike, perch and even to see, for the lucky ones, otters! It’s not enough to just put a lure on your rod to fish, you have to find the right one.

For carp anglers, the Prefecture has issued an order authorizing them to fish at night. However, each catch must be returned to the water. Booming on a national scale, the Rochebut reservoir favors boat fishing.

“It’s even more practical to find wilder and less frequented areas”

Steve Leroy (President of the UPB)

In addition, the posts on the edge are difficult to access. The place is in a “steep and hilly” place according to their website.

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On the day of our report, Steve Leroy brought back his “big guys from fishing”: Daniel and Armand. “We’ve been coming here since we were kids. The setting is incredible even for people who do not fish, it is beautiful and relaxing. “

Fishermen authorized to go to the water’s edge near Montluçon (Allier)

On their electric boat, the two friends talk about life, how to improve in their leisure time, to escape the Covid and take the opportunity, at the same time, to “oxygenate their lungs”.

They take advantage of their boat to “stop to see colleagues but above all to look for mushrooms” they laugh. However, the two fishermen are not kidding with safety: “You always have to think that there is a danger under the boat. The life jackets and emergency whistles are still securely fastened for the two retired friends.

The choice of a “no-kill” fishing

The Rochebut reservoir, labeled for fishing, is also very protective of flora and fauna. This is why it is classified “Natura 2000”. Steve Leroy recounts his memories of the past: “Before, people used to come fishing with their chainsaws. If a tree got in their way, they would cut it down. Fortunately, now it’s over. “

Daniel, like the others, is aware of the environmental issue surrounding his practice:

“We want to make nature more ecological, so we collect waste when we see it, we use a less polluting electric boat and we keep very few fish. The green people are us. “

Daniel (Member of the UPB)

Even if Armand adds, laughing, that “a good pan-fried trout is not bad”, fishermen are heading towards this “no-kill” trend. Also called “catch and release” across the Atlantic, this fishing is no longer within the scope of consumption. The objective is to catch a fish, without tiring it too much, to be able to put it back in the water, after having contemplated it. A commendable practice to perpetuate the wealth of the Cher.

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Ten tonnes of Canadian waterweeds withdrawn from Audes near Montluçon (Allier)

Jules Roman

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