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The resident of Ontario said he was "intimidated" by PM Doug Ford's voicemail

An Ontario man says he felt "intimidated" by Premier Doug Ford's voicemail and told him to be "careful" whom he calls "corrupt."

Michael Cole posted a screenshot on Twitter On Thursday he sent a text message to Ford inquiring about the support numbers of all political parties in Ontario.

Ontario's three main parties are at the end of Ford's honeymoon: the Ipsos poll

This screenshot also showed the message: "How long have the Provincial Liberals needed to become so unpopular? It's almost as if it's a nationwide case of buyer remorse. (Note: we wanted a liberal policy without corruption, you gave us corruption with incompetent policies). "

Speaking to Global News Radio 640 Toronto, Cole said Friday afternoon that he had sent the text message because he was "angry."

"I'm angry since the beginning of February, when he made the (autism) announcement, and I want him to know that I'm angry – many of us (are angry)," he said, adding that he has two sons has autism and was affected by the changes in the provincial program.

Cole published the screenshot with the message: "Hello @fordnation, in case you have misplaced your phone." Shortly thereafter, he tweeted, "I've received a voice message, I'll publish it here tomorrow."

On Friday he sent the following 21-second voicemail from Ford.

"Hey Michael, Doug Ford is calling, thanks for the message, my friend, you know what, I love these polls, they make me laugh, but Michael, you have to be very, very careful when you tell someone that he is corrupt, very, very, very careful, ok my friend, I'll talk to you later. "

"My first reaction is not to call myself 'my friend'," Cole replied to the voicemail.

"My second thought is that I hate conflicts. I do everything I can to avoid that, and this guy just seems to itch after a fight. I do not want to have anything to do with it. Leave me alone and let my children get what they need. "

Premier Ford talks to Global News, charges taxes, program cuts, abortion and is booed

On Twitter, Cole also gave another reason why he told Ford what he had done.

"To be clear (because I'm running out of characters on Twitter). I've been trying to suggest that getting friends involved in important roles is a bad idea, especially if spending on all kinds of programs (schools, ASD, health care, etc.) that people want is cut, "he tweeted.

Ford is known for handing out his personal mobile phone number as well as calling voters to get in touch.

Global News contacted the Ford office to comment on the voicemail. Spokeswoman Ivana Yelich said in a statement that Ford was referring to "possible legal action".

"Premier Ford is one of the most accessible politicians in the country. It is well known that he reveals his mobile number everywhere, "the statement said.

"While Premier Ford is always happy and ready to talk to anyone who turns to him as Premier of Ontario, he takes every corruption charge very seriously, and as he has often said, no one can buy Doug Ford."

LISTEN: Jeff McArthur talks to Michael Cole about the text he sent to Premier Doug Ford and the voicemail he received in return.

Show link »

Cole told him the voicemail sounded as if Ford wanted to "file a civil suit" against him or file a lawsuit for "defamation."

Ontario's NDP published a statement in response to voicemail.

"For a man who constantly accuses anyone who does not agree with him about corruption, Mr. Ford seems to have a rather thin skin," the statement said.

"If he does not like what people say about him, maybe he should consider reversing his cruel cuts instead of calling people in the middle of the night to complain about his numbers and feel threatened."

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