The residents of the Juan Pekolj boulevard will enjoy a green, illuminated and safe space

With an investment of more than $60 million, the intervention will be carried out on 13 blocks that will carry urban equipment: benches and baskets; afforestation, bicycle lanes, construction and repair of cordons and sidewalks, among other actions. In addition, pedestrian lighting will be carried out with LED technology, turning the place into a renovated and safe space for the important neighborhood of the eastern area of ​​the capital city.

A new urban space that is recovered and refunctionalized in the capital city began to take shape on Tuesday morning with the start of works on the Juan Pekolj boulevard. Provincial and municipal government authorities attended the beginning of the tasks, together with neighbors who gathered in the vicinity of the Trinidad Athletic Club property.

The works to be carried out include urban equipment: benches, “in situ” benches, wastebaskets, totem poles, gabions, afforestation, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, construction and repair of cordons, enhancement of the religious landmark, painting of cordons and the pedestrian path.

“This is a joint project between the Government of the province through the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure and the Municipality that will beautify an area of ​​almost 900 linear meters. There are more than 12,000 square meters of landscaping that the neighbors will be able to enjoy in a very short time”, explained the head of the Execution of Works and Audits Subprogram, Marco Pérez, who said that the work has an execution period of 120 calendar days.

Likewise, the pedestrian lighting of the Juan Pekolj boulevard will be carried out, from Los Cipreses street to Los Huarpes, 11 sections will be illuminated in an approximate extension of 1300 linear meters.

The work consists of the placement of 57 columns with a free height of 4.5 meters for pedestrian lighting on the west side, each with a 120W LED luminaire; and the placement of 40 columns with a free height of 6 meters for pedestrian lighting on the east side, each with a 120W LED luminaire.

“In addition, new low voltage control panels, underground power conductors, and grounding (PAT) of all the columns and panels will be installed. We continue with the renovation of the entire lighting system in the municipal ejido as we have been doing throughout the province, with the consequent energy savings and contribution to the environment,” said Norberto Gómez, head of the Energy Infrastructure Program.

“The most important thing about each work that is done in the municipality is the soul and the desire that we put into it, and that were carried out by the neighbors paying attention to those who asked us, participating and being part of them,” said Mayor Sergio Tamayo.

Note and photos: ANSL.