The Resistance places its fence in A Coruña | Radio Coruña

Yesterday the program La Resistencia, from Movistar +, inaugurated a fence under the scalextric of Linares Rivas in which we can read “This is the only fool who doesn’t like A Coruña”. The phrase comes from a section of the program in which the peculiarities of each province were pointed out. The mayor of A Coruña and the president of the Provincial Council have participated in the program broadcast last night.

There were bagpipes, there was octopus and there was humor. Who was going to tell us that in the city we have a quarry for the Comedy Club. Inés Rey opened the ban after Ponce, the presenter, told her that there were more beautiful cities in Galicia.

Valentín González Formoso has had to give explanations about a complicated question.

A tourism promotion campaign in one of the programs with the most audience, especially young, from the country.

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