The response of a Western economist to the question “When will Saudi Arabia become a literal superpower” sparks an interaction

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Activists circulated on social media, a video clip of the economic analyst at Freedom Asset Management, Simon Ventam Fletcher, and what he said about the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The analyst’s remarks in the circulating video came during an interview he gave on CNBC, where he was asked, “At what stage will we see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a literal superpower, not only in terms of oil, but in terms of financial markets as well?” He replied, “It will happen very soon and in more time.” Closer than a lot of people think…”

“There is actually an interesting movement in global dynamics and what we’re seeing recently is that the Middle East is becoming more important, it’s almost becoming a new Switzerland,” the analyst added.

And the analyst continued in the interview, which was conducted with him and was published by the channel, on Monday: “Europe is a wonderful tourist destination, but is it the economic destination for the future?”