The rest of the multimedia test of the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, titanium version

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro in its case.

We continued to test Huawei’s ultimate flagship, unveiled last week: the Huawei Watch GT3 Pro, including an all-titanium version, very similar to the look of the Huawei Watch 3 Pro. Its cardiac sensor is admirable and rivals the references. Multimedia test.

From the unboxing, this new opus strikes with its very high degree of finish. The body of the watch as well as its easily adjustable bracelet are made of titanium. While the case of the watch weighs only 54 grams, even with the bracelet, its weight does not exceed one hundred grams with one link less.

A dream finish

Indeed, it is very easy to remove this 22 mm wide strap and adapt it to your wrist. On either side of the case, small buttons make it possible to unhook the bracelet in the blink of an eye. On this metal headband, tiny retractable bars allow you to adjust its size in a few minutes, without tools!

This done, comes the start of the watch powered by HarmonyOS in version 2.1. Once again, we see how well Huawei masters its subject! On the 36 mm diameter AMOLED screen, navigation is really fluid and very easy to master, which facilitates pairing with a smartphone of the same brand, or under Android from version 9, or even iOS in version 6.0.

Watch GT 3 Pro: Easy Getting Started

Bluetooth on, you have to go through the Huawei Health app and follow the instructions on the watch, which may or may not require scanning a QR code. An operation that only takes a few minutes. In terms of features, we find those already made available on the Huawei Watch 3 Pro.

The default display includes the number of steps taken every day, the calories burned or the heart rate, which is measured continuously thanks to an admirable latest generation sensor. Obviously, multiple dials are offered with this new opus to personalize his experience according to all his desires.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro: screenshots in the Health app.
Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro: screenshots in the Health app.

Continuation of the tests

After several days of testing and various sports activities, including multiple walks and bike rides, we confirm the excellent performance of this 46 mm diameter connected watch in its largest version. Note that there is a smaller version with a ceramic finish and/or a leather strap.

To get a very precise idea of ​​the precision of the heart sensor, we compared it to the Polar Grit X pro Titan worn on the wrist, but also with a Polar H10 chest strap, which is supposed to give the most precise values, within a few exceptions, some of which are listed here.

A sensor that rivals the reference

We had already seen the accuracy of the previous model, compared to Polar’s benchmarks, but Huawei seems to have made further progress! Indeed, this Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro displays values ​​very close to those of the H10 belt, coupled with a Polar Grix X Pro. The latter, on the wrist, is also less precise than Huawei’s ultimate standard.

To reach this conclusion, we wore a Polar Vantage V2 in parallel, associated with an H10 sensor, the Polar Gritx X Pro Titan on one wrist and the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro on the other. Once again, we generally admired the precision of the most recent model of the Chinese except for a few details.

Sport: the multiple displays of Huawei's Health app.
Sport: the multiple displays of Huawei’s Health app.

Points to improve

When increasing power or during deceleration, the H10 chest sensor remains much more accurate, regardless of the Polar used to display its measurements. That said, the inertia is greater on a Polar Grit X Pro on the wrist than on the Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, which is a shame because the Finn is supposed to be the benchmark in this area…

In terms of distance and altitude values, however, Polar seems more accurate than Huawei, especially when it comes to measuring the difference in altitude. On a Lausanne-Châtel-St-Denis cycling circuit, Huawei adds about 100 meters of elevation gain for a total of 967 meters, while the value of 845 meters under Polar seems much closer to the value calculated by the Komoot application , or 870 positive meters, especially since we avoided a last small climb suggested by Komoot.

A well-designed health application

In the Huawei Health application, you can analyze a mountain of data constantly measured by this Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro, which also allows you to use a certain number of applications and to take calls and receive notifications ( in a fully customizable way) thanks to a Bluetooth connection. Impeccable even if the number of applications available is low.

As with various solutions on the market, it is possible to measure these sleep cycles. A feature that is difficult to assess, as there seem to be significant variations between products on the market. It would therefore be necessary to use a real medical device to appreciate the differences between the manufacturers. However, the values ​​displayed by Huawei seemed excessive to us. In fact, there is no real scientific reference to validate these trends.

Its sleep in Huawei Health.
Its sleep in Huawei Health.

Huawei confirms with its Watch GT 3 Pro

In Huawei’s Health application, like your smartphone, you can also continuously consult the oxygen content of your blood (SPO2), the number of steps taken, etc. It is also interesting to be able to measure the evolution of your heart rate after training. In the application, there is also the recovery time after an outing. However, I prefer Polar’s indications, which seem more realistic in my own experience. Again, one can wonder about the methodology used by these manufacturers.

In short, this titanium watch enhanced with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal once again made an excellent impression on us. Its autonomy depends on the use of its screen, in particular during its sports activities, and is closer to a week rather than two. Waterproof up to 30 meters, it allows you to follow up to 100 different sports, including diving, and offers various tips for training more effectively, even in golf!

Xavier Studer

Models and prices:

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro 46 mm
– Fluoroelastomer: 369.-
– Add: 369.-
– Titanium: 499.-

Huawei Watch GT3 Pro 43 mm
– Add: 499.-
– Ceramics: 599.-

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro: specs.