“The result of a bet. Christoff hates that song”: Joren from ‘Blind Married’ records a duet with good friend Christoff | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ


Christoff (46) and Joren Dumont (37) from ‘Blind Married’ discuss how their duet came about and what wild plans they have for it. Joren also reflects on his failed marriage with Lien, and if he is ready for a new love.

Jolien Boeckx

20 jan. 2023

Latest update:
20-01-23, 07:59

It’s no secret that Joren and Christoff from the hit TV show ‘Blind Married’ are good friends. But recently, the two decided to take their friendship to the next level – by recording a duet together.

The duet came about after a bet between the two friends. Joren bet Christoff that he wouldn’t be able to name a song he hated. To Joren’s surprise, Christoff said he hated the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

The bet was on, and Joren decided to record a duet with Christoff. The two recorded the song in a studio and released it on the internet. The duet quickly became a hit, with fans of the show praising the two for their chemistry and vocal abilities.

The duet has been a success for both Joren and Christoff. Not only has it been a hit with fans of the show, but it has also given the two a chance to show off their musical talents.

The duet is a testament to the friendship between Joren and Christoff. Despite hating the song, Christoff was willing to take a chance on the duet and it has paid off. The duet has been a hit with fans and has given the two a chance to show off their musical talents.

So, the next time you hear the song “I Will Always Love You”, remember that it was the result of a bet between two good friends. Who knows what other musical adventures Joren and Christoff will embark on in the future?