The result of the Al-Ahly match against Pyramids today in the Egyptian League

We present to you, through the BBKora website, the result of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match in the Egyptian Premier League in one of the exciting matches between the two teams, Al-Ahly match today, as a result of the Yalla Shot.

A large segment of Egyptian football fans is waiting, especially since the match is always exciting, Yalla Shot.

The Al-Ahly match against Pyramids in the legendary Egyptian League for broadcasting matches is always characterized by rivalry and excitement between the two teams, especially since the Pyramids team during the last period managed to kidnap many stars from Al-Ahly Club Kora Live.

The team was able to include Ramadan Sobhi, Abdullah Al-Saeed and Ahmed Fathi, along with former Al-Ahly captain Sherif Ekramy, Kora Star, which sparked an uproar and great anger among Al-Ahly fans as a result of Al-Ahly match today as a result of HD.

The fans of the Red Club aspire, as a result of the Al-Ahly match today, through the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match, that the Red Genie will be able to rehabilitate him against Pyramids, especially as he is living one of his best periods at the present time under the leadership of his coach Pitso Mosimane, the coach of the Red Castle, who managed to win the Champions League. Africa.

The result of the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match

Al-Ahly club fell into the trap of a draw against Pyramids in one of the matches that witnessed a fatal mistake by goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy, which led to a Pyramids draw at the deadly time of the match.

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