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The result of the preparatory certificate in Lake 2021.. Steps and methods of inquiry

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Youssef El-Deeb, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education in Al-Buhaira Governorate, confirmed that correction work in the preparatory certificate committees, term 2021 in the governorate, is continuing in all committees to complete the correction work for the answers of male and female students in the third year of middle school, noting that correction work is taking place amid precautionary measures and the application of the necessary preventive measures against Corona virus infection.

The result of the middle school certificate, Beheira Governorate

The Undersecretary added that the control work is going on on a regular basis, and all subjects of the material were assured to abide by the instructions received from the ministry regarding Business The correction, as well as the directorate’s instructions, the need to observe accuracy and the rules of justice and not rush to monitor grades. It is mentioned that the end of the school year exams for the general preparatory certificate 2020-2021, noting that there is a main operations room in the directorate that has been linked directly to all sub-rooms in various educational departments to follow up the correction work and upon completion of the work. Review and monitoring The result will be submitted to Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of the Lake, for approval, announcement and publication on the official website of the Directorate, wishing success. والتوفيق For all students and surely Their efforts were crowned with success and excellence.

Link to the result of the third year of middle school, Beheira Governorate

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The Undersecretary announced that the result of the preparatory certificate in Beheira Governorate, will be announced upon completion of the correction work and review of grades for male and female students in the completion stage of basic education, in preparation for the adoption of the result of the third preparatory class from the Governor of Beheira, Major General Hisham Abdel Ghani Amna, noting that the announcement of the result of the preparatory certificate for the second semester 2021, will be at the beginning of next week, and the result will be raised immediately after its adoption on the electronic portal website of the Beheira Governorate, so that students can inquire about the results of the preparatory certificate with the seating numbers and also announce the results in schools so that students can obtain Whose They couldn’t find out the result on their score with exams The second semester, conducted in all schools amid the procedures precautionary tight.

It is worth noting that the preparatory certificate exams started on 1-6 Water Until 7-6- 2021, In all The schools in the governorate, and the number of students reached 103,803 students in the third year of middle school perform Exams The second term included 606 committees in 18 educational departments in the governorate department, in addition to 5685 professional preparatory certificate students within 36 committees and 39 people with special needs within 5 committees.

To find out the result of the preparatory certificate in Al-Buhaira Governorate, enter the electronic portal link from ( here ).
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