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The return of a cult manga, (small) science fiction monument

"Gunnm" comes out in original edition, with his suite "Gunnm Mars Chronicle" – Glénat

[Update:Aftermorethantwentyyearsofrumorsdelayshopesheisthere[Misàjour : Aprèsplusdevingtansderumeursderetardsd’espoirsilestlàAlita: Battle Angel, the adaptation of Gunnm by James Cameron finally only producer, finally comes out in the French cinemas. The opportunity to also mention the recent reissue of the manga and the sequel Gunnm: Mars Chronicles.]

Less known or identifiable by the general public than Dragon Ball or
Akira Gunnm is one of the first
mangas to have been published in France in the 1990s, and thus participated in the advent of a market that now accounts for 32% of comic book sales. But this work of Yukito Kishiro has also imposed, in just nine volumes, the pantheon of science fiction in general, and cyberpunk in particular.

Gally, cybernetic heroine of "Gunnm"
Gally, cybernetic heroine of "Gunnm" – Yukito Kishiro / Kodansha Ltd.

James Cameron, fan number one

The android Gally, the suspended city of Zalem, the futuristic sport Motorball, the martial art Panzer Kunst … So many visions, transcended by the trait of mangaka, which have marked the imagination of readers. Some of them are James Cameron. For nearly twenty years, the director of
Terminator and Avatar only swear by Gunnm, under his English title Alita: Battle Angel. Her film adaptation project even became an Arlésienne, before he left his place behind the camera to Robert Rodriguez to leave for a walk (
and even four) on Pandora. But this is not the only newsGunnm.

An expected reissue

Having become untraceable due to the author's conflict with his Japanese publisher, the manga returns to a bookstore on Wednesday in a new so-called original edition at Glénat: new format, Japanese reading skills, subtitled onomatopoeias … Either the best conditions to (re) discover the story of Gally, cyborg found in a landfill, whose past, present and future destiny is to meet the great history of humanity, and even of the universe. The interior and philosophical questioning that inhabits it (what is human being?) Refers to the masterpieces of the genre (
2001, Ghost in the Shell), and expresses itself on paper dramatically, with a rich and dynamic design.

"Gunnm Mars Chronicle", both prequel and last arc of Gally's story
"Gunnm Mars Chronicle", both prequel and final arc of Gally's story – Yukito Kishiro / Kodansha Ltd.

Counter-productive suites

But Gunnm has also remained an unfinished work for a long time, when an event (a priori an accident) prevents Yukito Kishiro from drawing and forces him to rush to an end in 1995. A beautiful ending. But for the mangaka, the story is not over, he wants to send Gally into space. What he will do from the year 2000 with Gunnm Last Order, a suite in 19 volumes that will unfortunately weaken the science fiction monument that Gunnmby dint of artificial digressions and interminable fights.

It's the same forGunnm Mars Chronicle, third and last act of the series, which accompanies the reissue of the original manga (unless it is the other way around) and which tells the origins of Gally, when she was called Yoko and she was an orphan on Mars. It's hard to know if the author is sincere or opportunistic (let's give him the benefit of the doubt), but wanting to lift the veil on all the mysteries of Gally's past, like Hollywood prequel and spin-off, may seem counter-productive. productive. The temptation is great to leave the expanses of the red planet to return to this corner of the dump, where everything really began.

Gunnm – First Edition Volume 01, by Yukito Kishiro – Glénat editions, € 7.60

Gunnm Mars Chronicle Volume 01, by Yukito Kishiro – Glénat editions, € 7.60

The art book "Gunnm Ars Manga" is available on November 16th
The art book "Gunnm Ars Manga" is available November 16 – Yukito Kishiro / Kodansha Ltd.


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