The return of Alejandra Borrero

The Covid took her love Elizabeth Bateman and the actress was buried in a long duel. Now two years later he has regained his energy and receives an audience in his new home

Hearing her is even better than just seeing her smiling. When he speaks the room is filled with a calm that no one can turn off, but his talent and knowledge are even more devastating. Seeing her enter the Arlequín room, open to the public for the first time and after two years with Casa E closed, paralyzes all attendees. Alejandra’s ragged sighs, watery eyes and nervous throbbing surround the entire room, but the company of Primo Rojas, Johan Velandia and Daniel Calderón help her welcome and take over the stage.

“Breathing and drinking water”, It is the message that Alejandra Borrero shares with the rest of the women who are going through a duel. Process that the actress, remembered for her roles in Love in custody and The last happy marriage, began last year after the death of her partner, doctor Elizabeth Bateman, due to Covid 19.

The 2 Shores was present at the reopening of the now called Casa E Borrero, and while the rest of the space continues to be liquidated due to the ravages of the pandemic, Alejandra Borrero confessed details of her hard grieving process, the meaning of returning to the stage and her learnings by becoming an artist who serves as an inspiration and support for many women in the country.

“The tests anyway, even though you have passed them, they are still there, they have turned me into another person. All human beings have pain, all human beings have to go through them and at this moment I am a resilient woman. Casa E has been a dream come true, it was for me the place where I became a playwright, director, where I was able to work for women around reconciliation and peace, it was a profound change in my life to be able to use my fame to be able to play the heart of many women in the country ” Alejandra Borrero confessed in this interview:

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