The return of the Boca Juniors squad to the hotel moments after having climbed the bus that would take it to the Bombonera was perhaps the gesture that anticipated the suspension, which was confirmed minutes later.

The players and the coaching staff had already jumped on the bus to go to the Bombonera, but minutes later, without the vehicle put first, they got off and returned to their rooms.

The teacher Javier Valdecantos was the one who coordinated the whole scene. He was standing at the door of the Intercontinental hotel, where the squad was concentrated and around 15 o'clock the players started to go to the micro. The first ones were Cristian Pavón and Nahitan Nandez. Guillermo Barros Schelotto, the coach, was one of the last.

But they backed off. The teacher, who was the only one who did not get on the bus, began to make clear gestures for the players to return to the hotel. And the sequence was repeated, but the other way around: one by one, the players got off the bus and returned to the rooms.

Finally the Conmebol suspended the meeting, which will be held tomorrow at 16.

Meanwhile, in the concentration of River, in the Monumental, the campus led by Marcelo Gallardo had planned to leave for the Bombonera at 14.45. But the minutes passed and the players did not come down. They will remain focused while waiting for the Superfinal.



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