A gal gal wage not gal … In the metropolis like La Runion, women are always less paid than men. Because of these pay inequalities, it is as if the French worked "free" from today, Tuesday November 6, 15h35 and until the end of the year. In the streets of Saint-Denis, these figures shock and are a surprise for most.

"We do the same thing and we are not paid the same, it's unfair," says Inna, who is just coming out of his job in a shop in the center of Saint-Denis. Corinne is also scandalized: "women work, sometimes occupy the same function as men and we are not paid the same?"

As every year, the feminist newsletter Les Glorieuses by Rebecca Amsellem recalls the figures of wage inequality according to calculations made using data and statistics provided by Eurostat. On average in France, women earn 15.2% less than men. This cart is close to the European average which is 16%. We are not in good students … In Romania it is 5.2%, Italy 5.3%, Luxembourg 5.5% and Belgium 6.1%. "I'm falling down, I did not know, we do not talk about it enough," says Svrine.

The situation is changing, very small steps. Last year, this fateful date was fixed on November 3 11:44 … We have thus earned three small days … At this rate the Glorious note, "we can wait 2168 to achieve equality." Long, long, long … "I guess I'd be dead right now," Inna quipped. "It is unacceptable !" Just replies Corinne. "But it's a long time, exclaims Irina, it's not fair, we give ourselves to win less than men We are not equal."

Some efforts … or not

For the young woman, "they should arrange these inequalities as soon as possible.Countries arrive very well manage.France is far behind on a lot of things, it should review his policy.It is not only Emmanuel Marcon of make efforts, it's also to the bosses. " They do it, but small steps. Some companies are starting to take into account the disparities and put in place devices. But for transparency, it's not won yet. For Inna, there is still too much taboo about wages in France: "It's hidden: nobody talks about it, but we should all know that everyone should win the same thing." With equal skills, salary gal. On the side of the state, sanctions are envisaged to penalize the bonnets of neve … There is for example the "name and shame" which one can translate by "to name and to make ashamed". It consists of publicly revealing the name of a company to undermine its reputation. In September 2017, Marlne Schiappa summoned the ten bad students for a sensitization campaign. The Minister of Labor Muriel Pnicaud also proposed a part in the law "professional future" on pay equity. From 1 January 2019, companies with more than 50 employees will have to measure the wage gap between women and men. They will have three years to rectify them.

For unequal chances of hiring … it's another story. According to a survey of the Women's Foundation made public yesterday, Monday, November 2, a woman who applies for a job considered male 22% less chance than a man, skills and qualifications equal, to be offered a job interview . Invites the morning of Europe 1 yesterday, the Secretary of State Marlne Schiappa believes that the anonymous CV is not the solution to fight against this discrimination. "When we recruit someone, we need to know who this person is so it's not something I remember," she told Audrey Crespo-Mara's microphone.

Commitment level

"But … you have to mobilize, manifest, I do not know, do something!" exclaims Jeanne. At our level, it is not difficult to commit. For example, flooding social networks with the hashtag# 6novembre15h35. A petition also circulates on the website Glorieuses, she calls the government put in place three major proposals: a paternity leave equivalent to maternity leave, a transparency of wages and a certificate of mandatory equality. They even set up a counter to calculate our missing win over a year if we had been a man … How much is yours?



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