The revengeful C’Chartres TT in La Romagne, this Tuesday evening

Almost three weeks after a 3-1 loss at Pontoise-Cergy, Chartres will return to the table, this Tuesday, May 10, in La Romagne (Maine-et-Loire), with the spirit of revenge.

C’Chartres table tennis players overwhelmed in Pontoise-Cergy

Seventh before this meeting, the CCTT has nothing to fear and much more to hope for. But he will seek to erase his last defeat – “perhaps our worst game of the season”, says coach Emmanuel Rassouw – and the painful memory of the first leg.

premium The C’Chartres TT knocked down by La Romagne

In their Rosskopf room, the Euréliens lost 3-2 after leading 2-0 and getting four victory points in Vitor Ishiy’s racket in the last single.

The challenge for Romagna

Before two other trips, to Saint-Denis (June 7) and Jura Morez (June 14), to conclude the season, the mission will not however be easy for Bence Majoros and others.

Romagna, led by veteran Chen Tian Yuan and Iranian Nima Alamian, can still dream of the title. They would get closer to a small point behind the leader Caen in case of success, this Tuesday, during this last match of the 16th day…

LA ROMAGNE (Maine-et-Loire), this Tuesday, May 10, at 7 p.m.
Romagna: Chen Tian Yuan (n°9), Nima Alamian (n°12, IRA), Romain Ruiz (n°42), Brice Ollivier (n°67).
C’Chartres TT : Bence Majoros (No. 25, HON), Florent Lambiet (No. 27, BEL), Vitor Ishiy (No. 39, BRE), Abdel-Kader Salifou (No. 49).

Ranking : 1. Caen 40 points; 2. Angers 38 pts; 3. Jura Morez 37 pts; 4. Romagna 36 pts; 5. Rouen 35 points; 6. Hennebont 32 pts; 7. C’Chartres TT 30 pts; 8. Pontoise-Cergy 30 points; 9. Saint-Denis 20 pts; 10. Villeneuve 16 pts.

Franck Thébault