The Revenue Department has already explained! The issue is charged with the merchant’s retroactive tax.

Spokesperson of the Revenue Department Clarifying the issue was called “Back tax” of traders, insists it does not intend to collect taxes from operators participating in government programs in any way.

Today ( 31 Aug. ’64) Revenue Department Clarifications according to news in online media that Mr. Sorawut Nuengchamnong, Member of Parliament for Chonburi, Palang Pracharath Party Identify concerns abouttaxof merchants because the Revenue Department sends tax assessments for the year 2020 to merchants participating in government programs such as “half” but received in 2021 misleadingly charged retroactively. Moreover, this type of project is a short-term project. The goal is to stimulate the economy. Therefore, the tax revenue should not be assessed in this section.

Mrs. Sommai Siriudomset Tax collection strategy consultant (Energy Business Group) as a spokesman for the Revenue Department Explained the case as follows:

1. In doing business in the year 2563, the entrepreneur who is a natural person Whether operating a business that participates in the government’s project or not, if the entrepreneur’s income reaches the criteria prescribed by law,

has a duty to bring income to file a return for personal income tax within March 31, 2021. However, the Revenue Department has extended the deadline for filing the form from March 31, 2021 to June 30, 2021 to help Entrepreneur’s liquidity

2. The Revenue Department has sent a letter notifying the income earner to submit the income tax return within the time specified by the law so as not to forget. so that entrepreneurs will not be burdened with penalties and additional money

In the case of filing an income tax return later than the deadline

3.Personal income tax is a self-assessment of entrepreneurs. which has a duty to bring income received from business operations to file tax on facts As for the evidence to prove income, it depends on the facts of the business. For example, VAT registered entrepreneurs must have evidence of issuing tax invoices. Receipts, etc. for proof of bank account It is just one fact that will make entrepreneurs aware of their own income only. In addition, the Revenue Department has developed an electronic process for registration, tax returns, tax payments and tax returns, every step of the way through the Tax from Home system, which helps facilitate Convenience to entrepreneurs via the Revenue Department website

4.The Revenue Department confirms that the Department’s sending a letter to notify entrepreneurs does not intend to collect tax from entrepreneurs participating in government programs in any way. But it is to notify the entrepreneur that you have reached the threshold required by law and are obliged to file the form only. And it is not a tax assessment in any way.

For more information, please contact the Revenue Offices across the country. or the Revenue Information Center (RD Intelligence Center) call 1161