The revitalization of the Vrahovický pond will deprive the homeless of refuge. Soon

A refuge for dubious existences. At present, homeless people gather in the vicinity of the pond, who do not do very good advertising for the place.

“I have lived near the pond since I was six years old. I don’t remember swimming anymore, but we went skating there in the winter. At present, the pond and the surroundings are quite neglected,” says Marta Nováková. do. Perhaps drunks and junkies will stop coming there. When I went there with my dog ​​Beník, there were terrible existences on the benches. Something should be done about it, too. It is a pity that such a place is for the waste of society. A normal person is afraid to go there. “

Paddling pool and stepping stones

“As part of the revitalization of the water reservoir, the outlet of the reservoir, including the discharge device, will be repaired. It will be necessary to extract sediment from the entire area of ​​the reservoir

“To increase the recreational potential of the area, a shallow zone with a paved bottom and stepping stones protruding above the water surface will be created in the floodplain area,” the mayor adds.

He will also explore the nearest surroundings

“There will be new furniture available – both new benches and, of course, rubbish bins. I firmly believe that this place will change so that people can spend their free time here, so that this piece of nature is a place where people will like to go.” Deputy Mayor Milada Sokolová believes in a better tomorrow.

A cycle path should be created and a narrow road widened.

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“Simultaneously with this revitalization, a project is being prepared for a new cycle path from Olomoucká Street in the direction of a pond. The cycle path will lead off the Říční road. The road around the Na Rybníčku refreshment should also be widened, “Deputy Mayor Jiří Rozehnal revealed his plans, adding that this is another phase of revitalization of the Svornosti housing estate. The railway crossing at Myší díry should also be widened Noisy.

The restoration of the former glory of Pivovarský rybník began six years ago. At that time, the city bought the pond and the surrounding land from a private owner. Subsequently, the premises were leased to the company Lesy města Prostějova, which provided operation and maintenance of the pond.

The total revitalization of Pivovarský rybník should cost 12.4 million crowns without VAT. The work should start in December this year, the completion of the implementation is planned by the end of August 2022.