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The Rhine partially reopens for large shipping

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On the other hand, the Baselbiet ports remained closed due to flooding. On Sunday, a total of 24 freight barges were stuck in the three Rhine ports of Basel-Stadt and Baselland. The large shipping between Kembs (F) and Birsfelden was stopped last Tuesday because the Rhine carried too much water.

On Monday night, however, the level in Basel-Rheinhalle fell below the high water mark of 820 centimeters for two hours, as the Swiss Rhine ports said on request. Between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., one of the ten ships blocked in the port of Basel-Kleinhüningen was therefore able to start the descent.

At the same time, three ships that were stuck below the Kembs lock for days were able to start their voyage towards Switzerland.

The water level drops below 820 centimeters

In the course of the day, the water level sank permanently below 820 centimeters. Therefore, the almost one-week compulsory break for all ships in Basel-Kleinhüningen came to an end.

Those 14 freight ships that are moored in the two Baselbiet ports in Muttenz and Birsfelden continue to suffer from the floods. You can only set off when the level in Basel-Rheinhalle drops below 790 cm. According to the forecasts of the Federal Office for the Environment, this should be the case on Wednesday.

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