the rich novelties of beta 1

No time to hang around, after the release of iOS 15.0, it’s iOS 15.1’s turn to begin its testing phases

Apple iOS 15.1 and iPad OS 15.1: the rich new features of beta 1

The launch of the new iPhone is marked each year by the release of the new version of iOS. IPhone and iPad users can download iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 from September 20 and enjoy some of its announced new features.

For others, when it is not a question of functions exclusive to new products, it will be necessary to wait for iOS 15.1. The firm has indeed gotten into the habit of distributing some of its novelties through several minor system updates throughout the year. On the night of September 21 to 22, Apple unveiled the first beta of iOS 15.1, reserved for developers.

iOS 15.1 Developer Beta 1

In iOS 15.1 there are therefore some new features that Apple could not integrate into the launch version of iOS 15. This is the case for example of the SharePlay function.

Apple iOS 15.1 and iPad OS 15.1: the rich new features of beta 1

This feature presented at WWDC makes it possible to combine Facetime with streaming applications and integrate into the system something that many people do: watch the same video or audio content remotely, together. In other words, being able to watch an episode of the latest Apple TV + series with others, without being in the same room. A function that is particularly relevant after 2020 necessarily.

iOS 15.1 Beta also offers Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio, the ability for Siri to announce calls and which contact is making the call. Latest innovation: an improvement in the iOS portfolio to better integrate your vaccination record and be able to present the health pass if necessary.

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