The right of border workers. Everything you need to know about RHT or Swiss technical unemployment

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What is the Reduction of the working hours (RHT)?

The Reduction of the working hours corresponds to a temporary reduction or a complete suspension of the activity of the company while the contractual working relationships are maintained. It is generally due to economic factors. Also taken into account are job losses resulting from measures taken by the authorities (during the health crisis, for example) or for other reasons beyond the control of the employer.

By paying RHT, unemployment insurance covers for a certain time part of the salary costs of employers whose workers are affected by a reduction in working hours. The aim is to avoid layoffs following brief but inevitable job losses. Unlike unemployment benefit, benefits are paid to the employer.

Are employees required to reduce their overtime before they can benefit from HRT?

No. The State Secretariat for the Economy (SECO) confirms that employees are no longer required to recover their overtime before being able to benefit from partial unemployment.

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