The rise of China is increasingly unsettling, Xi Jinping’s obsession is said to be very similar to Adolf Hitler’s ambition to rule the world, this is the proof – all pages

Sosok.ID – There are deep similarities between the rise of the German military in 1930 and the Chinese military since 2010.

The world at that time failed to contain the rise of the Nazis, leading directly to World War II.

China may not lead to a third world war, but the issue of restraining its power cannot be ruled out.

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The reason is, in 1938 no one knew what happened 7 years later, even today no one knows what could emerge from China.

It was a mutual agreement that the Nazis and Adolf Hitler were a very evil force, and anything that had to do with them must be terrible.

Meanwhile in the US, Donald Trump is often compared to Hilter to the point that people are not surprised by the comparison.

However, perhaps Xi Jinping would be a shock when compared to Hitler himself, people might ask why Xi Jinping, the leader of China, could be compared to Adolf Hitler?

We need to review again, China today has risen to be very strong and almost stole the global economy.

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