the rise of Serin, Glover disappears from the radar

Baptiste Serin distinguished himself, unlike Harry Glover. AFP et Panoramic

The brilliant second period of Serin, the slaughter of Isa but also a Melikidze sanctioned at the worst of times and a Harry Glover with absent subscribers. Find our tops and our flops.


Baptiste Serin, chess then light

It was a Baptiste Serin in diesel mode this Saturday that guided the RCT on the path to success in Jean-Bouin. The Toulon scrum-half first failed twice against the poles before making up for it brilliantly on the way back from the locker room, setting himself up as the detonator of the Var game. It is he who manages to break the Parisian defensive line on several occasions offering breaches to his partners. While finding the address at the foot that it lacked.

Facundo Isa, the rewarded plowman

Once again the Argentinian proved to be particularly valuable in the ruck areas, managing to scrape several important balls. Efficient in the tackle (75% success rate), he was then at the origin and conclusion of the second Var try of the game. It was he who first punctured the defense on the left wing before concluding the powerful red and black sequence in the in-goal. A full match for an essential of the Toulon ranks

Charles Ollivon, to infinity and beyond

The Toulon captain, back from the autumn tour with the XV of France, quickly got back into the Top 14 bath. On Jean-Bouin’s lawn, he delivered a successful performance, capturing a considerable number of balloons in the air and ensuring the conquest in touch. More behind in the first period, he was able to gain strength over the game, like his partners.


Harry Glover, like the offensive animation of his team

Overall, it is the whole of the Parisian offensive sector which took on the appearance of a seized machine this Saturday. But the British winger is perhaps the one who symbolized this culpable inefficiency the most. The former Carcassonne simply did not exist in this part. Totally absent, he never managed to make his speed speak on his lane. A match without, to store directly in the closet.

Giorgi Melikidze, an expensive yellow card

The action went almost unnoticed as it took place seconds before fellow countryman Beka Gigashvili’s try. But the referee of the meeting saw everything from this high tackle operated by the Georgian pillar of the Stade Français. And did not hesitate long before drawing a well-deserved yellow card. A numerical inferiority which weighed in the unfolding of the events since it intervened when the Toulonnais began to take the ascendancy. Losing a player at this precise moment therefore did not facilitate the task of the Parisians who gradually lost the thread.