The risk of collapse of the Genoa bridge had been known for at least three years

In August 2018, a bridge collapsed in Italy, killing 43 people. A report reveals that the bridge sensors have not been working since 2015.

Could the drama have been avoided? This is implied by a report revealed by an Italian media as part of the ongoing investigation into the Morandi Bridge that collapsed in Genoa in August 2018.

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In an article published Tuesday, and spotted by Franceinfo, the daily newspaper The Republica the details of the report show sensors installed on the bridge that has been out of order since 2015, three years before the disaster that killed 48 people. They were not replaced while their dysfunction was reported.

An alert from 2014 on the risk of collapse

The report adds that, moreover, when operating, these sensors alerted on a risk of collapse of the bridge. The Italian motorway company Autostrade defends itself by stating that the risk of collapse was only theoretical.

A new bridge will be built. It will have 43 street lights, in memory of the 43 people who died in the accident. Its construction, estimated at 202 million euros, will be conducted by a group of companies including Sailini-Impregilo, Fincantieri and ItalFerr.

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