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The risky gamble of the government to reform health

With her bill, the Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, wishes to label 500 and 600 "Local hospitals".

In appearance, it's a little paradoxical. While she plans to close the maternity of Bernay (Eure), Agnès Buzyn wants to strengthen the access of the French to local care. This last word is prominently featured in the bill introduced on Wednesday, February 13 by the Minister of Health. This text, to be debated in March in the National Assembly, was announced, in broad outline, in September by Emmanuel Macron. In addition to eliminating the numerus clausus, it aims in particular to label between 500 and 600 "Local hospitals". Institutions closer to the needs of the population, says the minister, who chose this approach to deeply modify the hospital card. " We will not close hospitals, we just want to make them evolve ", Repeated Agnes Buzyn in a loop.

An electric subject

But the minister knows that the subject is highly sensitive in France where there are about 3,000 hospitals and clinics. In the future, 500 to 600 public institutions will have to play the card of "proximity", giving priority to general medicine, radios, biological tests, geriatrics or follow-up care. But these hospitals will no longer do surgery or deliveries. And as Bernay, it is likely that a large part of elected officials or inhabitants will have a hard time accepting this development. Because, in the minds of many, a hospital where you can not be born or have surgery, it is not really a hospital anymore.

Bernay, a city mobilized to save her motherhood

It is therefore a risky gamble in which the government undertakes to demonstrate pedagogy to explain its concept of gradation of levels of care. " I prefer that a patient undergo a heavy operation 50 km from home with the highest level of quality, if he can do his rehabilitation and postoperative care closer to home "Explained Emmanuel Macron in September, who has since been able to measure, particularly in his discussions with mayors, how much the maintenance of public health services is a major challenge for the territories

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