The Rivian R1T wants to hit earlier (and harder) than the Tesla Cybertruck, and this video shows how it prepares for production

Rivian continues to make steady progress in the development of the Rivian R1T, its first zero emissions model and the one that aims to be the first electric pick-up to reach the market. The start-up has now published a video in which he shows his progress towards full series production.

In the film, the company shows part of the manufacturing process that is being undertaken at the plant located Normal, Illinois, being able to even appreciate the assembly process of the chassis and the battery or the propulsion system.

However, RJ Scaringe, founder and CEO of the firm, explains that they still need to build the car body manufacturing line, which is expected to happen this autumn, so that for the moment the production process that is being undertaken is indicative and will serve to advance and correct details once mass production starts.

“What we are doing is check that all parts that come from suppliers meet our quality specifications “, the executive details.

500 robots to try to create the first electric pick-up

In two months, the Normal plant, once owned by Mitsubishi and where combustion vehicles were built until the Japanese automaker closed the facility in 2016, will be filled with 500 robots and an amalgam of machinery to go one step further in production.

The company initially expected the Rivian R1T to arrive later this year. However, the coronavirus crisis knocked down the plans of the firm, which was forced to postpone the start of deliveries until the beginning of June 2021, shortly before its R1S electric SUV (scheduled for August 2021).

Despite this, if the estimated dates are met, the Rivian R1T will hit the roads in anticipation of others such as the Tesla Cybertruck, Nikola Badger, or the zero-emission Ford F-150. Only the Lordstown Endurance seems willing to beat this peculiar race by targeting early 2021.

The Rivian R1T promises to equip a propulsion system composed of four engines that jointly develop 750 CV. In addition, it will have up to three battery options, with capacities of 105 kWh, 130 kWh and 180 kWh, which will allow charging at a power of 150 kW.

The autonomy in the case of larger capacity batteries is 480 kilometers and 640 kilometers, respectively.

As for Rivian as a brand, although it has not yet manufactured a single car, his progress has been meteoric: It has become the best-financed start-up in the world, recently it has achieved a new capital boost worth 2,500 million dollars, and it has even become the reference for long-standing manufacturers such as Volkswagen to develop electric pick-ups.

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